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Version 2 Upgrade Information

If you purchased your kit before October 2019, you likely received a Version 1 kit.  The easiest way to tell which kit version you have is to look at your remote control.  If your remote is red, you have a Version 1 kit.  If your remote is white, you have a Version 2 kit.

9-button infrared remote control from the version 1 Brickstuff kit.

This is a Version 1 Remote Control

4-button RF remote control from the version 2 Brickstuff kit.

This is a Version 2 Remote Control

Version 2 New & Improved Features

We put a lot of time and effort into designing an upgrade for our original Falcon kit that would include features customers had been requesting.  Here's a list of just some of the new or improved features in the Version 2 kit compared to Version 1:

Upgraded Master Effects Controller

The Version 2 kit includes our latest effect controller technology, using a processor chip with 4x the memory and 2x the speed of the processor used in the Version 1 kit.

Updated Sound Control System

The Version 1 kit allowed three custom sounds to be loaded onto the sound module.  The sound module included with the Version 2 kit has more storage space for your custom sounds and movie quotes, and you can now select up to five sounds/quotes to be randomly played back using the remote control.  You can have more than five sounds stored on the module, but you can select up to five to play.  You can also choose fewer than five sounds to play, and you can change the sounds selected for random playback anytime without needing to open your Falcon and change the files on the sound module.  You can read about how to add and manage sound files on the Version 2 sound module here.


New Remote Control

The Version 1 kit included a 9-button infrared remote control, which had its limitations.  Infrared control requires direct line-of-sight to the receiver to operate, and sometimes infrared remotes from other devices (baby monitors, DVD players, etc.) can interfere with control of your Falcon.  Plus, the range of infrared communications is limited.  Our new RF remote control fixes all of these issues by providing greatly increased range (50ft / 15.2m or more) and the ability to communicate through walls and other boundaries.  You no longer need line-of-sight to your Falcon in order to control it, and each remote transmitter is locked to its specific receiver, which means you won't have any interference from any other devices.  If you bring your Falcon to a club or show where other people have their Falcon kits on display, you never have to worry about anyone else controlling your Falcon.  Some people have asked if there are fewer functions in the Version 2 kit because the new remote has only four buttons vs. nine on the old remote.  Quite the opposite!  We worked hard to create a system where each button on the remote controls two functions, and by combining effects like different patterns for the docking bay lights and the ability to manually fire the laser cannons, you actually get more functions to control with the Version 2 kit compared to the Version 1 kit.


Enhanced Laser Cannon Control

One of the biggest requests from customers of the Version 1 kit was to be able to manually fire the laser cannons using the remote.  We've added that, and you also still have the ability to activate or deactivate automatic laser firing mode with the remote, so you get the best of both worlds.  With the added ability of the Version 2 kit to control two laser cannons (one on the top and one on the bottom), you get twice the laser control.


Upgraded Cockpit Control Panel

The Version 1 cockpit control panel was cool, with its drilled holes and flashing red lights.  In the Version 2 kit, we've upgraded the control panel with red and blue lights, and the lights now cycle through random effects instead of just flashing.  This makes for a much more realistic-looking control panel.


Upgraded Hyperdrive Control

The Version 1 kit featured an amazing hyperdrive unit with rotating LED lights, but the hyperdrive was always on, even when the Falcon wasn't flying.  The Version 2 kit provides improved control over the hyperdrive, so its effects are now synchronized with the engines.  This is especially fun to watch when there is an "engine start fail" sequence.


Improved Internal Control Panels and Additional Light

Like with the main cockpit control panel, the rest of the Version 2 internal computer lights have been upgraded to use new, random patterns as well.  This makes for a much more realistic and interesting internal lighting setup.  We've also added one LED light for mounting under the floor in the rear engine room.


Optional 2nd Laser Cannon

The Version 2 kit now supports two laser cannons, so you can order a second one as an add-on and control both either randomly or using the remote.

Optional Motorized Boarding Ramp

The Version 2 kit supports the addition of a motorized boarding ramp that you can control with the remote.  Your Falcon will definitely be the most feature-packed in the galaxy with this upgrade.

Ordering, Installation, and Pricing

Anyone with a Version 1 kit can upgrade to the Version 2 kit for $179.99.  When upgrading, you will also have the opportunity to add either the second laser cannon and/or motorized boarding ramp at a special discounted bundle price.

We are accepting upgrade orders on a pre-order basis, and you can click the button below to order yours now!

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