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Product Pricing

To meet the specific demands of builders who will want to display their Falcon in different ways, we have developed two kit configurations: one with exterior lights only and one with interior and exterior lights.  Both versions include full remote control and sound, as well as two USB power cables that can be used with either two USB battery banks or two iPhone/iPad-type mains adapters.

Remember, domestic (U.S.) and international shipping is free on all Falcon orders.

NOTE: Prices do not include Customs Duty or VAT.  If you live outside the United States, you are responsible for paying any customs duties or VAT that may be due.  See this page for details.

Brickstuff Kit SKU Comparison table with pricing.



  • Pre-payment is required to place a pre-order.  Orders will be shipped in the order in which they are received and paid.  At any time prior to your order shipping, you may cancel your order by notifying us via the e-mail address listed on your Order Confirmation e-mail, or by sending us an e-mail through the main Contact Form on our website.

  • Orders in the June 2023 batch are expected to begin shipping at the end of June.  Note that this does not mean your order will necessarily ship in June.  We are not able to guarantee a specific delivery date (i.e., in time for a holiday, birthday, or to meet specific travel plans).  We will keep our pre-order customers updated on the status of our kit production via the means of a periodic e-mail newsletter that will only be sent to pre-order customers.  By placing a pre-order with us, you agree to let us add the e-mail address you provide at the time of purchase to our e-mail newsletter list.


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